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It ain't over till the fat lady sings

15 May 1987
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Random trivia 'bout me:
*I'm a vegetarian
*I don't give a damn about politics. Doesn't matter which party wins, the worlds gone to the dogs anyway.
*I'm an atheist who has the bad habit to spit on religious fanatics. It's not that I dislike religions, it's just the friggin' fanclubs I can't stand.
*Even though a lot of people claim this, I really, honestly, TRULY do not give a damn as to what others think of me. I will not lose any sleep when someone talks behind my back (in fact, I wouldn't expect any less), I will not hestitate to go outside when I know my clothes and choice of make-up will get frowned upon (I bought the damn clothes, I feel comfortable in them, so I will damn well wear them!)and I will definitly never change any aspect of my character just to please someone.
*If I got payed a euro/dollar for everytime I swore, I could buy myself a house within the year. A whole bloody farm with stables and lots of land in 3 years!
*I wear my heart on my tongue, often resulting in awkward (though moslty I find them amusing :))moments when I've said something everyone is thinking, but is just not said out loud in civil conversation.
*I adore animals and have the fortune to own/be owned by quite a few.
*I am a writer, but a terrible on at that.
*I always carry a small magnetic horse plushie named Jack with me. And he has his own wardrobe. And no, I am not ashamed of this at all.
*I have a Dragon tattood on my shoulder, from my collar bone all the way to my back. Had it for 3 years and still love it as much as I did the first day I got it. ^^